We moved!

Our new Cambridge address is:

Collaborative Psychotherapy
1675 Massachusetts Avenue
Suite 3, Floor 2
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

The Successful Muse is a comprehensive program for writers and artists to help them maximize their creative potential by nurturing their creative, personal, professional, and economic growth. 

At The Successful Muse, we believe that the writers, artists, musicians and other creative artists who develop a better grasp of the personal issues impacting, limiting or strengthening their creative work stand to expand their potential and are more likely to succeed in the creative marketplace. We eschew the notion that to be successful a writer or artist need only gain command of their craft. Success is more difficult and more complex than that.


At Successful Muse students learn dynamically and experientially. We address any and all life issues that interfere with productive creative process and also teach techniques and approaches that enhance creative flow. We believe that art is created partly because the artist was successful at leveraging his or her personal strengths as well as creative aptitudes. Through workshops, classes and individual counseling and consultations we teach writers and artists more effective ways to leverage their strengths and so give them more solid ground on which to base a creative career. 


We also eschew the idea of the starving artist and so we work with artists to be financially sound at all points in their careers.


We hope you will sign up for one or more of our offerings in order to improve your creative process and bring greater creative pleasures to your life. Check out our workshops, courses and groups and call us to arrange a free interview to explore individual counseling. A healthy happy artist or writer is a productive, successful one!


The Successful Muse

1675 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138