The Successful Muse Program helps artists and writers grow creatively, personally and professionally. Through the Successful Muse, creative people become more productive in their creative lives freer from blocks and gain greater pleasure in the creative process. Those who want to build a creative career learn how to promote themselves and their work effectively.


Remove Obstacles to Your Creative Process

  • Understand and overcome creative and marketing blocks.
  • Dispel myths and lies that create the blocks that encumber your progress.


Increase and Improve Your Creative Flow

  • Learn about the flow state of creativity and how to access it for your own free and productive creative work.
  • Build a relationship to your creativity and your work which is healthy and that promotes creative flow.
  • Build a healthy and pleasurable creative practice.
  • Learn ways to enter the creative process, remain there when you want to, exit it to go about other things in life and re-enter it when you feel dry. *
  • Reduce guilt about dry spells that interferes with productivity.


Build Confidence in Your Identity as a Writer or Artist

  • Develop your identity as a respect-worthy creative, intelligent, productive person whose contributions are valuable.
  • Build a positive internal dialog that supports you and your work.
  • Learn the habits and practices of successful writers and artists.


Refine Your Work Patterns & Process

  • Develop the beliefs, attitudes and practices that support a successful creative process.
  • Build the kind of focus and concentration that helps you enjoy the process and succeed with projects.
  • Establish effective, productive, healthy and satisfying work patterns.
  • Build healthy habits of self-care.*


Your Quality of Life as a Creative Person

  • Reconnect with the notion of doing creative work for its’ own sake.
  • Improve your relationship, communication skills and self esteem for personal and professional growth?
  • Learn to handle the feelings that emerge as part of your creative work or career.
  • Better handle relationships with the people you meet in your creative work and career.
  • Acquire the creative process, self-management and people skills that advance your career.
  • Nurture not only a creative life but also a happy and healthy one.


Be Part of a Supportive Creative Community  

The Successful Muse offers an ongoing group in which artists and writers:

  • Discuss issues and needs relevant to artists. Talk candidly in a supportive forum with people who know, respect and understand you, your work, your goals and your challenges.
  • Help creative people grow through their engagement with other creative artists as well as via the guidance of the group facilitator.
  • Group members strive for greater personal and professional health, strength, competency and satisfaction to support your creative life.


Work with a Group Facilitator/ Therapist

  • Benefit from the professional expertise of someone who understands the creative process and is effective at nurturing personal growth and change.



The Successful Muse

1675 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138